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Barbequing Tips

People take a lot of pride in their barbecue routine, and they love to show it off. For true barbecue master’s, the fun doesn’t come from enjoying their own food. It’s more about putting a smile on their guest’s face while impressing them at the same time. Barbecue kings are more than happy to stand by their grill and feed everyone before they take a bite themselves. There is also a bit of healthy competition that keeps barbecue going as outdoor cooks constantly try to outdo each other. It results in wonderful experimentation and calculated risks that result in absolutely delicious food. In order to be a true barbecue master, you have to combine ingenuity along with traditional know-how in order to produce the best results. Here are five elements you should keep in mind so that your barbecue food will stand above everyone else’s.


Get the Best BBQ You Can Afford – let’s face it, a good barbecue is expensive. You can go for cheaper options but they are not always the best value in the overall scheme of things. Saving money on a cheaper grill could actually end up costing you more when you have to get repaired or replaced it completely. It’s far better to start off with a bang and save up enough money for a quality gas grill. Find something that combines power with the overall cooking space to give you ultimate performance. It’s not always easy to come up with a big budget on a high ticket item, but in most cases it will end up paying for itself over time.


Use the Freshest Ingredients – how many times do you show up to a barbecue only to find out they are serving frozen burgers? Unfortunately, this seems to be happening more often than ever, as a lazy trend in barbecue is growing. It’s far too easy these days to go down to your grocery store and pick up a bag of pre-flavored chicken wings. Some of them are even cooked already and only require warming on the grill. While it might be faster to use these elements, you’re really not getting your guests a true barbecue experience in any way. Make sure to use fresh ingredients at every turn and never settle for anything less than the best.


Slow Cooking – direct grilling gets a lot of attention in the barbecue world, and you can cook wonderful things like charbroiled steak and salmon. But if you happen to have a more modern grill, don’t forget it can effectively be turned into an outdoor oven. In many cases, you’ll get an effect better than your kitchen oven because of the added bonus of smoky flavor. Slow cooking requires a different skill set and you definitely have to be patient. You have to marinade your meat and then allow it to slow cook in your barbecue for several hours. You have to plan out your day so that you can constantly monitor your meat, but it’s always worth it in the end when you are rewarded with a perfectly roasted chicken, rack of ribs, or a scrumptious brisket.


Side Dishes – it’s not just about what comes off your gas grills!  Hearty side dishes are just as important in giving your guests and overall experience. They are a perfect way to balance out the pallet in addition to offering healthier choices as well. Side dishes ranging from coleslaw or potato salad will always be popular favorites. You can also add elements from other types of cuisines, and don’t be afraid to explore multicultural dishes as well. Side dishes are the best way to compliment everything cooked on your grill, and a full barbecue meal wouldn’t be complete without them.


Your Own BBQ Sauce – every true barbecue master has their own recipe for a secret barbecue sauce. It’s something that you hold dear to your heart and won’t share under any circumstances. You could rely on generic barbecue sauce quite easily, but the taste is never the same. And remember, it’s actually quite easy to prepare a barbecue sauce recipe even if you’ve never done it before. In many cases, you can with one up in under half an hour, and you’ll have a great sauce that will add another dimension to your home grilling.

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