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Cookbook Contest

Cookbook Contest


Recognition and glory don’t really come into cooking for us foodies; it’s about the artistry and satisfaction gained from a cooking session that feeds the addiction. For the most part the audience remains our nearest and dearest and this is often enough. Dreams of being a famous chef or having a cookbook may be entertained but most of us are grounded enough to know this will most likely never happen…or will it?

The other day I found my dreams ignited once more but this time they appeared to be attainable. Whilst surfing the net I stumbled upon some news that I found most intriguing. The recipe website mydish is holding a competition that is quite possibly every foodies dream. The basic gist is simple enough, formulate an original menu that has a starter, main and dessert and submit it to

If your menu is then chosen as the menu of the week you will not only be placed on their popular blog but your menu will be one of the 52 menus published in a cookbook at the end of the challenge. Personally I was sold as soon as I processed this information but for those who feel immortality isn’t enough it gets better.

An overall winner will be selected at the end of the challenge and will win a cooking holiday for two to Tuscany (Italy) were they will learn from top chef’s.
Now I’m not a mathematician but I know on this one the juice is definitely worth the squeeze and the fact is if I’m not successful this week I’ll just re-enter the week after lol. Have you ever been to Tuscany? The food is amazing and the countryside and towns are absolutely fantastic.


Win a cooking holiday for two to Tuscany

Win a cooking holiday for two to Tuscany

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