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Wine Choices To Go With Your Next Pizza Event

Pizza and Wine

Pizza and Wine

Wine and Pizza

The image that surrounds pizza is that of it being a fun food, probably nothing to do with fine meals. Then again, any number of folks uses pizza as part of their dinner, regular food diet and even on special occasions. Pizza on its own is a great tasting, full of nutrients and healthy food. If you have had pizza before, and we are sure you have, you would have probably enjoyed it with beverages such as cola. If you thought cola makes the pizza better, then wine makes it even better.


Picking Up Wine

A beverage is supposed to compliment the main course. Even though all pizzas are supposed to fall under the same category of food items, every pizza is different based on the topping that is decorating it. Pizza is also distinct based on the sauce that is used to prepare it. Then, you have side dishes like pasta, barbeque chicken and of course, garlic bread, our personal favourite.

When you are picking wine for the night’s pizza dinner, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Either you pick the wine and then decide the pizza you are going to order, so that the wine and pizza match each other. Or, you decide the type of pizza, toppings and side dishes that you are going to purchase ahead of time and then, decide on the wine.

The standard rules associated with picking up wine might just be useful to you. For instance, take pizzas that use extensive use of tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is used in a wide range of pizzas. It turns out, tomato is very high on acids and that interferes with the choice of the wine you are going to make. You will need a wine that is extremely light on acidity because you are already getting it in your pizza. Like this, if the topping is Pepperoni, you need to remember that it is usually hot and also salty. You have to purchase wines that work well with salty food. Easily, red wines are the best wines to go with pizza.

The standard tips in choosing the right wine will help you in your wine search. Then again, there are some standard wines that just do well with pizzas, most of them sourced from Sauvignon and Zinfandel. These are all different types of grapes from which many several types of wines are made.



Syrah is probably the most popular red wine ever. The unique feature of this wine is that it is spicy. If you like your pizza on the lighter side of the spice spectrum, then you will have to pick up a few bottles of Syrah. Another name for Syrah is Shiraz, a name it derives from its origins from the valley of Rhone in France. This wine also has hints of pepper which is mixed with meat that has been roasted to get a unique burnt flavour.

Syrah is a wine that is served best with food that is heavy on meat. Going by the same understanding, it is clear that you will be served best by Syrah wine if the pizza you are ordering is non-vegetarian. The same pizza will work just fine, if you are ordering vegetarian based pizzas as well, as long as you order something that has roasted toppings, perhaps mushroom and tomatoes.


Cabernet Sauvignon

If you are not a big fan of the spicy flavour of the Syrah variety of wines, then you are going to love Cabernet Sauvignon. Compared to Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon is more on the softer side of wine flavour. It is also one of those wines which actually taste better when they are young, rather than when they are old. Another phenomenon that is noticed with this wine is that it will usually have traces of vanilla, which you would enjoy to go with your pizza. The source of this wine is the valleys of Chile and California.

Hopefully the wine suggestions that are provided here will help you with your next pizza event. You are spending so much time looking for the right wine; you should also spend the same amount of time finding the best pizza place in town. Pick a restaurant which has easy online ordering options and a great parking facility.


The author usually chooses to have Syrah with his pizza. Of course, he always chooses to go with pizza online delivery for added convenience.

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Three Things That You Probably Didn’t Know About Pizza




3 Facts About Pizza


Pizza has become one of the staple diets of the country. It’s become not only a favorite dish, but pizza has also evolved through the years. From pizzas with simple tomato sauce and spices to pizzas with unique toppings such as anchovies, different kinds of cheese, scallions, shrimps, and a whole lot more, you can now easily create your own pizza using your favorite ingredients.

Listed below are some fun facts that you probably didn’t know about pizza.

Naples is the birth place of pizza.

People have long been cooking flat bread over hot stones and putting different toppings on them. However, the pizza that we know of today came from Naples, Italy. It was created in the 16th century, at the time when tomatoes were first used in the kitchen.

Pizza was considered as a working man’s bread, owing to the fact that it was the workers and their families who commonly make this meal. It was not only a cheap dish to make, but it was also very convenient. After all, the flat bread also doubles as a plate, and there’s also the fact that utensils are not required to eat this dish.

When tomatoes were added to the flat bread, pizza gained the attention of even the rich people. It also piqued the interest of the royal families that, pretty soon, pizza became a popular food in the city. In time, its popularity spread across the country, and due to migration, the popularity of pizza spread even further.

Cheese, as an ingredient, was not included in the original toppings.

Contrary to what many people think about pizza, cheese is actually not included in the original toppings. In fact, cheese was only added to pizza during the 1880s.

Cheese on pizza became all the more popular when Queen Margherita of Italy visited Naples and asked Chef Raffaele Esposito to make her a pizza. Thinking to impress the queen, the chef and his wife made the queen three types of pizza, one of which was a flat bread with tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese as well basil. The colors of the pizza so impressed the queen; they accurately represented the colors of the national flag. If the colors impressed her though, so did the exquisite taste of the pizza. She liked it so much that this type of pizza was named after her, the Pizza Margherita.

Pizza is a billion dollar industry.

From a humble poor man or working man’s meal to a billion dollar industry, pizza has really come a long way. It has made millions of people full and happy, and it has also made millions of people rich.

It was in the late 1730s that the first pizzeria was opened in Naples, and it was named Antica Pizzeria. The pizzeria became a huge success that many pizzerias soon opened, and from Naples, the pizzeria industry boomed.

The first pizzeria in the United States was opened in New York City by Gennaro Lombardi, an immigrant from Italy. From there, the popularity of pizza grew. Today, it is a 30-billion dollar industry in the United States and has become one of the most ordered and consumed dish especially during holidays and special events like the Super Bowl.

Jennifer Dahling is a self-proclaimed pizza addict. She regularly contributes articles about this famous dish to a Wakefield Pizza provider, a pizzeria where you can satisfy your pizza cravings.

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Pizza Delivery Stories


Pizza Delivery

Funny - or not so funny - Pizza Delivery Stories

Pizza Delivery

If popular culture if anything to go, the life of a pizza delivery person can be a rather eventful one. Whether you’re being seduced by a lonely housewife or cryogenically frozen (and then waking up some time in the next millennium), something amusing always seems to happen. While the latter example is admittedly a little far-fetched, do such crazy things actually happen to our brave delivery boys and girls? Here’s a selection of the top five most commonly encountered scenarios in funny pizza delivery stories; I’ll leave it to you to decide whether there’s a crust of truth in them.



The one with an unbelievable tip
In the service industry, tipping can be something of a touchy subject. Generally speaking, the larger and more complicated the order, the bigger the tip should be in order to compensate. However, in a lot of pizza delivery tales the customers don’t seem to know this unwritten rule. In one story a $200 dollar order to an office building netted the driver a mere 33 cent tip (which he then declined on principle), a similar amount given to one poor guy after he was attacked by the customer’s pitbull (although they did drive him to hospital afterwards.)



The one with university students
University students are well known for their crazy hijinks, especially when it comes to ordering takeaway (indeed, I have one story about the aftermath of a certain  Chinese Takeaway   order I bore witness to that I’d really rather not relay). Some of the most baffling student-related pizza delivery stories involve them answering the door naked (and seemingly unaware of this fact) or a group of drunken frat boys attempting to climb into and onto a female driver’s car while screaming promises not to assault her; real classy, guys.



The one with a lucky escape
Sometimes pizza delivery people can unwittingly get themselves into some genuinely dangerous situations. Whether it’s delivering to drug dealers hiding out in motels in the heart of the ghetto or facing up to creepers who are a little too eager to get you to wait inside their house while they go get you your tip money, it can be a bit scary.



The one with a celebrity
Celebrities have got to eat too, and a fair number of them favor pizza. While delivery people often don’t get to see the actual celebrities themselves (for example one delivery guy got to deliver pizza to Tina Turner’s post concert party; while he didn’t get a tip, he did get to attend the VIP party), there are apparently a lucky few who get to deliver a Hawaiian straight into the hands of one of the rich and famous. Sometimes it can even be the other way around; in 2010 LaToya Jackson was seen out on the streets of New York trying to sell pizza to passers by as part of a reality TV show.



The one with a plot like a bad porno
These kinds of stories are usually the most hilarious (but also sometimes rather disturbing). Whether it entails delivering pizza to a dominatrix and her theatrically unenthused client or stumbling across a couple or couples in flagrante, you know that it’s going to be one of those nights. Better or in reality usually worse; yet, the unsuspecting delivery person is invited to join in with the festivities. The mind boggles…



Raphael O’Neil is both a pizza fan and a delivery boy himself (although admittedly once he became the latter he ended up being somewhat less the former). His favorite topping is chicken and mushroom.