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Top Five Things To Never Forget When You Are Organizing A Party

Organizing a Party

Organizing a Party

When you are organizing a party, you are often swept away by all the planning and forget the little details which can make or break your event. Luckily, here are a reminder of the top five things you shouldn’t forget when you are chief party planner.



Be Gracious and Warn the Neighbours

Surprisingly a large number of people forget this vital step leading to problems later on. On the whole, your neighbours are fine with you throwing a party as long as they have notice beforehand. If you think your party might be a bit noisy and last into the small hours, it is respectful to inform both of your next door neighbours. Being aware of your party means that they won’t be taken by surprise by the festivities and become aggravated. Often taking around a small peace offering, such as a bottle of wine, is all you need to do to guarantee happy neighbours!



Keep an Eye on the Weather Report and Plan Accordingly

This is essential if you are planning to have a barbecue or outdoor party as they can be very dependent on good weather conditions. If when you check the updated weather report and rain is suspected then you should think about investing in a marquee. Keeping the rain off with a marquee or canopy will stop your party from being a wash out. Even if you aren’t having an outdoor party, you could provide a covered area outside for the smokers so they don’t get soaked. Planning for any weather eventuality means that you won’t have to worry about getting caught out!



Stick to a Budget

Although it is tempting to go all out but you can still throw a memorable party within a reasonable budget. Most guests don’t need flash and pomp. Guests will be happy with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly company. Sticking to a budget can make you more creative with your money and actually provide more interesting decoration than store bought tatt.



Enough of Everything

Firstly make sure you have enough food and drink to feed and water more people than your invite. Guests will eat and drink much more than you will expect so it advisable to buy a little too much. Ending up with surplus the next day is much better than guests leaving early because the party has run dry. Make sure you don’t forget the little things! Plastic cups, plates and cutlery are essentials. There is no point preparing an amazing buffet of food if there won’t be anything to eat it on and with. A last thing to make sure you never forget is toilet roll! Often overlooked, this is the most essential little item you will need.




Lastly, and most importantly, you will need music! Early arriving guests will mix better with background music than a quiet, early atmosphere. If you have the time prepare several playlists for your party to cater to the stages. Initially you will need light music to encourage conversation but as the party gets into full swing change to music that is fun to dance to. A variety of music will please your guests as there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

Corinne Kemp – Lifestyle Writer for Props and Frocks

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Birthday Ideas


Child's Birthday Party

Birthday Fun


Great summer birthday ideas for kids

If your little darling is celebrating their birthday this summer, you’re probably unsure of what kind of party they’d like. Maybe they’re a bit too young for bouncy castles, or they’re still a bit too small to travel abroad to visit relatives. If you’re trying to save some cash whilst giving them a birthday to remember, here are some ideas to get you started…



There’s something about combining a birthday and a holiday that makes both extra-special, and there are plenty of British Holiday Parks that will enable you to afford a lovely break with your family, celebrate a birthday, and enjoy a well-earned break. What could be nicer than stuffing a picnic hamper full of delectable goodies, and heading off to the beach for lunch, followed by a game of frisbee with your loved ones? Plus, there’s always the chance to pack a birthday cake, and enjoy a slice as the afternoon winds down. This is great for younger kids who can’t keep still, and who crave nothing more than the chance to play all day – plus, you avoid all the hassle of airports, flights and foreign food (parents with fussy eaters will be nodding at this.) Perfect.



Another brilliant idea for smaller kids is a treasure hunt party. This will take you a while to set up, but it’s worth it. Separate the afternoon with four separate hunts in your garden, and whilst you’re setting up each hunt, enlist your spouse to entertain the kids in your lounge. You will probably need some help coming up with the clues and practicing each individual treasure hunt, but it’ll keep the kids entertained – just remember to give them some ace prizes, so the enthusiasm for the next hunt doesn’t die down!



If another child is celebrating their birthday at the same time, why not share the stress (and cost!) and arrange a party at a local church hall? This is far more economical than ferrying ten fidgety kids to the cinema, and if you can find a family friend to DJ, a mini-disco will work extremely well. You can make this even cheaper by making your own food (and birthday cake), and mums that have children that react badly with e-numbers will thank you for not filling their kids full of chemically-laden snacks. Remember to always make sure that anyone who has an allergy is catered for, and that you’ve got contact numbers for everyone.



It’s always worth looking to see if a local zoo or farm offer group discounts if you don’t fancy entertaining a bunch of fun-seeking kids, as there’s nothing like the sight of wildlife to ensure children are mercifully distracted (and interested). Lots of farms have playparks for the wild at heart, and many offer group activities such as tractor rides, which round off the day nicely. The only added extras here are a) the gift shop. Avoid! and b) lunchtime. It’s always worth bringing your own packed lunch for yourself and your guests, as a sugar-and-fat-laden lunch in the farm canteen can be horrendously expensive. It goes without saying that all children should be washing their hands pretty much every half hour whilst at a farm, and especially before eating.



Finally, if your child is a little older, how about a camping party? This will only work if you have a fairly big garden, but if you can stand the thought of 20 pre-teens giggling all night, this is for you. Kids can arrive about 6ish with their parents, set their tents up, then get on with it! You can bring out their dinners later on, and even set up some garden lights so they can carry on chatting into the night. It’s also worth setting up some sleeping bags and pillows in the lounge so those who get a bit chilly can come indoors, and always leave the kitchen fully-stocked – you never know who’ll develop a killer appetite late at night!



Monday, January 30, 2012

Cost Saving Party Planning Tips

Cost Saving Party Planning Tips

Cost Saving Party Planning Tips


From birthday parties to wedding celebrations, planning a party can be very expensive – but it doesn’t have to be.

Get creative with your party planning and you’ll be able to arrange the perfect soiree without spending lots of money. Here are some great ideas that could help you organize a celebration your guests will never forget…



The venue

This can easily be the most expensive aspect of a party if you don’t look around to find the right deal. Make a list of venues you like and find out what their rates are.

You may find that they offer free room hire (depending on the night you plan your party) or free room hire with a minimum bar spend in place.

Ask about food deals too – some venues will waive the room hire fee if you have a buffet type menu so it’s always worth shopping around for what you want.

Be flexible with dates and try to negotiate where you can. You have nothing to lose by asking and if you’re a regular customer, they might be happy to put a good deal in place for you.




To serve food or to not serve food – it’s a good question. Nobody wants to waste money on food that’s going to be thrown away, so ask yourself if your party is the type of party where guests will expect food.

For example, at children’s birthday parties, christenings and wedding receptions, it’s customary to serve food, whereas birthday parties are more focused on drinking and dancing than eating. The choice is entirely yours, but if you do decide to do it, how can you make it cost effective?

Well, if you can rope in some willing volunteers, you could easily cater for the party yourself without too much trouble. Many supermarkets sell a huge range of party platters that offer value for money and are still very tasty. You could get platters that can be served as they are or some that simply need heating up but can be served cold. You could also buy bulk goods at excellent rates from wholesale outlets – so ask friends if they have membership cards for local wholesalers.

Alternatively, you could ask family or friends to help with catering instead of buying gifts. You may have a friend who’s great at making cupcakes, an uncle who cooks up the tastiest chicken legs and an auntie who loves making sandwich mountains who would be happy to contribute.




It can be a dilemma for the host as to whether they should supply the booze or not if they’re hosting the party at home.

If you’re questioning whether you should supply the beverages, ask yourself whether you would pay for everyone’s drinks in a bar all night.

If the answer is no, don’t feel shy about asking your guests to bring a bottle. You could supply soft drinks and perhaps have some extra wine and beer in case you want to give guests a drink when they arrive. Alternatively, you could make large punch bowls that guests can enjoy throughout the party.




Music is a vital part of any party, but if you can’t afford a DJ, why not turn your hand to being the music maestro for the night? Ask the venue if they have a sound system that will allow you to plug a laptop or MP3 into, create the perfect party playlist and press play! Just make sure you have enough battery power to last the night.




Invitations are relatively easy to make but if you want to create an invitation for free, use Facebook! If you have a Facebook account, you can create an invitation online and send it to people in your friends list. You can even set the online invitation to private so only the people you have invited will know about it. And if you want to invite people who are not on Facebook, you could easily create something to give them so they know to save the date.


Have fun!

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