Tuesday, August 28, 2012




There is a snack food that is all-meat and is taking Britain by storm.  The South African snack known as Biltong is rapidly invading the shores of Britain. It has often been compared to that of beef jerky, and in many ways is similar though it is made with different ingredients and the preparation differs slightly.



The reason why people are jumping on the Biltong bandwagon is the fact that it is a much healthier alternative to many other snacks. We can now say goodbye to crisps, chocolate, peanuts and pork scratchings, then say a big hello to Biltong that is very high in protein and carries barely any fat. This makes it an ideal snack for those of us who are trying to watch our weight, in fact more than that, it can actually aid any exercise that we take, you will find that many top athletes in fact choose this food for their snacks throughout the day.
Biltongs Healthy Benefits!
If athletes are choosing this as their snack food, there is definitely something they know, they are well aware of some of the excellent health benefits this meaty snack can bring us.



Superb Source Of Protein – Whether you are simply trying to shed a few pounds or attempting to build up some muscles, Biltong can supply your body with excellent amounts of the protein it needs to achieve this. It is a completely safe snack that doesn’t contain any carcinogenic ingredients too, so as long as you only eat a couple of handfuls a week, you will not be adding to your fat levels.




Super Low Content Of Carbohydrates – It is often stated that one of the main reasons people put on weight is down to consuming too many carbohydrates. There are no such problems with Biltong then, this snack food harbors very low amounts of them, and however it still manages to deliver more than enough of the energy that your body requires.



No Chemicals Used In Biltong – There are a lot of meat products on the market that are actually quite hazardous to our health due to them containing a lot of chemicals. They may contain chemicals in the form of additives, preservatives and artificial colors. Biltong on the other hand contains none of these; in fact the only ingredients used in the production of biltong are vinegar, meat, pepper, sugar and some salt and coriander.




Grab It In Pubs And Supermarkets! – Biltong can be found in pubs all across the nation, as it is seen as an excellent accompaniment to a refreshing and cold pint of beer. As it is so much healthier than traditional pub snacks it has become an immense favorite for visitors to the pub just about everywhere. It is also stocked in most of the country’s leading supermarkets, the supermarkets are always quick to stock something that is taking the country by storm, and biltong is no exception. It can also be bought direct from the manufacturers too, especially if you run your own shop, pub or business that could easily sell on the healthy yet amazingly tasty meat snack.




Biltong is now actually manufactured directly in this country as EU laws prevent us from importing any meat products from South Africa, so it is now produced using only British meats using the same process and ingredients as the South Africans.


If you are looking to get hold of some biltong for your pub, you will need to locate a  Biltong distributor, then before long, all of your customers will be enjoying that all meaty taste.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tantalise Your Taste Buds on a Culinary Holiday to Marrakech

Moroccan cuisine is enjoying unparalleled popularity around the world.  Its subtle spicy flavours suit most taste buds and Moroccan cooking, unlike some other international foods, is not difficult to master.  With so much emphasis on the food, interest is now swinging to the people and the land of Morocco.

Moroccans are a mix of ethnicities and it is this mix that has created the delectable flavours that are the trademark of the cuisine.  Phoenicians, Jews, Arabs, Berbers, Sub Saharan Africans and in the past, Romans and Vandals have all called Morocco home.  They brought with them their religions of paganism, Christianity and Islam and the result is truly a cultural melting pot.  Tantalising your taste buds as you visit Morocco, is as much about exploring its rich cultural heritage as its food.

Marrakech – Where the Ancient Meets the Modern

Marrakech is the perfect location to appreciate all that the country has to offer, without needing to travel from the city itself.  Marrakech is the third largest city in Morocco and home to over a million people.  The capital of the mid south western region means it has important historical significance.  Behind the city, the snow-capped Atlas Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to a city that celebrates the ancient with its thick fortified walls and the more modern new developments.

Within the walls of the old city (Marrakech Medina) is a palace that today is a restaurant offering not only delicious Moroccan foods, but an opportunity to experience the richness of Moroccan culture within the rooms and gardens of the palace.  For something a little more exciting, experience Arabic folklores in an exciting display of horsemanship and rifle shooting at Chez Ali’s Fantasia.  Performed by experienced riders from around the country, you can dine on Moroccan cuisine whilst marvelling at their skills.  It is an unforgettable experience that will surely create a lot of interest back home after your holiday.

Daytime in Marrakech would not be complete with visiting the souk or marketplace.  The largest in Morocco, it is not only a place to spend time getting to know the locals as they shop for their every day supplies, you can find all the things you need to cook your own foods.  Here also you can enjoy acrobats, storytellers, dancers and musicians performing traditional Moroccan songs and dances. Return at night and enjoy the souk’s transformation into an open-air restaurant.

What about a Walking Tour?

Walking tours of the city are available, and these give you the opportunity to hear and appreciate the local history presented by local guides.  Taking these tours ensures you don’t miss anything the city has to offer.  A similar tour is also available for the souk.

Whether you stay local or take a car and head to the nearby mountains with their waterfalls and river valleys, be prepared to be charmed and surprised as you visit Marrakech.  You may visit for the cuisine, but like so much of Africa, once you visit, you will leave your heart there.

Cars can be pre-booked so that they are available for pickup from Marrakech airport.  Visit erentals.co.uk and search for the best deals – you are sure to save money by comparing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It’s No Accident Whisky Is Thailand’s Most Infamous Drink

When you think of Thailand you probably have visions of fancy tropical drinks filled with fruit and an umbrella, accompanied by a handful of straws. A drink people sip as they are laying on the beach in the tropical sun, slowly getting drunk as the day turns to night. The country has a mystical allure to it for people who have not visited. All you know is that it’s far away so they must drink fanciful cocktails.

You’d probably be surprised to know that the Thai’s love their whisky. It’s the most popular drink in the whole country and it’s consumed by nearly everyone. Sitting outside on makeshift tables, the Thai’s line their stomach with this strong spirit every night, until they go home and collapse in a drunken stupor.

It’s no accident

Thailand isn’t a wealthy country. The majority of people probably earn less in a day than you do in an hour. Whisky is the only drink than most people can afford. It’s so cheap it’s available to everyone, and they like a drink. Why waste your money on a few bottles of beer when you can get a whole bottle of whisky for the same price.

Although there are dozens of different prices they also come in much more expensive ranges as well. This is mostly due to the fact they are imported from around the world. For normal Thai’s these are a treat. Anything more expensive than $20 is seen as a status symbol and usually kept for special occasions.

The club culture

In western counties you would have to wait in line as you bought your drinks individually. This is a horrible way to enjoy a night out as you spend more of your time waiting than you do having fun. Not in Thailand, and it’s all down to whisky. You can actually bring your own bottles into nearly every drinking establishment for a small corkage fee.

Even if you don’t bring your own you can buy a bottle in the club for a little more than what it costs in the supermarket. All you need to do is spend a little money and a waitress will bring you a bucket of ice and some cola. If that wasn’t amazing enough you can even leave your whisky at the club if you don’t finish it. They will put your name on it and you can finish it on your return.

Real Thai whisky experience

You might stumble across a Thai whisky you don’t see freely served in shops. It’s called Yaa Dong, and it’s technically illegal, but you can still find it in certain places because the authorities turn a blind eye to it. The reason it’s illegal is because nobody can be sure what’s in it. Some say it’s mixed with opium and dragon’s blood. Who knows?

It’s usually found on street carts and comes in a big clear glass bottle. You can buy a glass for less than 50c and it’s well worth the money. Watch you don’t burn your mouth clean off. It’s touted as having

special powers that can cure ailments or act as an aphrodisiac. The recipes have been passed down through the generations and if you’re lucky to find it, you must give it a try.

Peter Lord is a freelance writer and a whisky connoisseur. He writes for Whisky Marketplace and his posts will help you choose a whisky that best suits your palate.