Biltongs There is a snack food that is all-meat and is taking Britain by storm.  The South African snack known as Biltong is rapidly invading the shores of Britain. It has often been compared to that of beef jerky, and in many ways is similar though it is made with different ingredients and the… [Read More]

4 Fun Fall Dessert Recipes

        4 Fun Fall Dessert Recipes Fall is a very enjoyable time of year. The leaves on trees are changing colors, there’s a cool chill in the air and there is a nice calming period when the air conditioning is off and the heat has yet to be turned on. The fall… [Read More]

A Clean Kitchen

Let’s face it; keeping the kitchen clean can be quite expensive. Washing up liquid, surface sprays and antibacterial wipes, don’t come cheap – but there are ways to clear up on a budget. Here are five money-saving tips that should make your life easier.   Cut dish cloths in half With the economy in crisis,… [Read More]