Like everyone else, I love to be able to get the last piece of everything, unless I am too full. But how to go about it without being rude or a bit demanding? Here are great tips to get what you want without seeming obnoxious.   Image by: daftcain   Tip 1 – The serve… [Read More]

Chefs and Their Signature Dishes

  Chefs and Their Signature Dishes   Today, with many chefs becoming media stars, it can be easy to forget all the hard work that goes into crafting a renowned reputation in the business. The signature dishes of some of the most well-known chefs are testament to their dedication and innovation. Here we explore some… [Read More]

A Beginners Guide to Wine


A Beginners Guide to Wine.   WHITE WINE White wine is a type of wine that is usually made from white grapes. As we all know white wine has less body than red wine, that is red wine is heavier than white wine. White wine is very refreshing because of its lightness and is best… [Read More]