5 Ways to Fun in the Kitchen

Have you been feeling a little uninspired when it comes to cooking lately? Are you someone who, when you invite friends over for dinner, you usually order take-out instead? Do you live off frozen meals? The kitchen – and cooking – doesn’t have to be the chore it can appear to be. Here are some… [Read More]

I’m Just a Vegetarian Kid

  Vegetarian Kid Food Being a kid vegetarian is hard sometimes.  One time we forgot to tell my Grammy that we  are now vegetarians.    “Wait!! Grammy !  We can’t eat that!”  Paige and I screamed.  Luckily, she had sometime else for us to eat.  What is a Vegetarian When you are a vegetarian, you don’t… [Read More]

The Best Omelet Recipe

I am a firm believer in varying the daily evening meal as much as possible. If your family consists of real meat and potato men, you should try to introduce new main courses into their dull lives, both for their health, and for the joy of different, exciting, delicious tastes. For this reason, I try… [Read More]